Brand New Wild Adventure!

from £79 per adult, £59 per child

For kids ages 6-17 and big kids of all ages

Two night survival challenge programme

Imagine you are lost in a woodland wilderness, miles away from civilisation. With no radio contact, limited supplies and the sound of wild animals nearby – would you have the skills to survive until you were rescued?

This programme sets you that challenge, teaching you the bushcraft and survival skills you’ll need on your journey back to civilisation. After learning the skills you need, you face a team survival challenge where you’ll have to work together to put these techniques into practice and successfully escape the wilderness!

Wild Adventure teaches you all of the survival skills you need and puts your family to the test, in a fun, inclusive and engaging environment suitable for all the family.

The two-night family Wild Adventure will cover:

  • Day one - After receiving your briefing you’ll begin learning how to overcome the challenge of being lost in the wild. You’ll start with a night explorer session that covers navigation, orienteering, signalling, stalking and camouflage
  • Day two - You’ll learn how to build a raft and set up camp, with lessons on shelter building, making tools, tying knots, and foraging for food and water. You’ll learn how to safely climb or abseil to overcome any difficult terrain. At the end of the day you can relax around the campfire (once you’ve learned how to build and light one!)
  • Day three - You’ll be putting your knowledge to the test with the Wild Adventure Survival Challenge. Can your group use the bushcraft and survival skills you have gained to successfully escape the wilderness and make it back to safety?

Your two night Wild Adventure also includes:

  • Two nights'  accommodation in a family room in a shared Adventure Lodge – other options are available
  • Five meals including a barbecue by the campfire on the second evening
  • Chill out spaces in our cosy yurts with tea and coffee making facilities