Blue Monday motivation

Escape the saddest day of the year by planning a year of adventure! It is a well-known fact that embracing the great outdoors and having adventures reduces stress - even just breathing in fresh air, looking out for miles and enjoying the wonders of nature is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. On this day, tipped as the most depressing day of the year, we have created a fabulous list of adventurous activities to get you and/or your child outdoors and not only reaping the benefits of Vitamin D but creating that wonderful feeling of freedom outdoor adventure can bring.

Here’s our list of ten ways to embrace the great outdoors in 2018:

1. Make your own kite and fly it outside

You will not only get the thrill of flying your own kite but that rewarding feeling of having made it yourself! Plus, they’re relatively easy to make with downloadable kite making templates available online.

2. Enjoy stargazing

When it gets dark (which is pretty early these days), wrap up warm and take a blanket into your garden (if you’re lucky enough to have one, if not borrow a friends!), then lay down and stare into the sky. Stargazing is a very relaxing way to view the galaxy and spot a whole range of constellations, plus a whole load of new stars you didn’t realise were there.

3. Go on a bike ride and discover somewhere new

It’s great to go out locally, but have you ever hired a bike or taken your bike to a brand new location? Imagine all the interesting new sites you could see and learn about. I particularly love renting a bike by Hyde Park and cycling round The Serpentine, it’s simply glorious.

4. Swim in a natural environment

Have you ever swum in the sea or a lake, and in the UK? I know what you’re thinking, it’s too cold, but this new experience is so worthwhile! You will feel so refreshed and energised. Give it a go.

5. Try a completely new activity

How about having a go at paddle boarding, surfing, rock climbing or skiing, or all four! Or something totally new for you. Learning a new activity can be really inspiring. 

6. Map reading and orienteering

Discover a whole new side of your local environment or somewhere new by simply drawing a route on an old map and following it.

7. Make a bird feeder

Encourage birds into your garden by creating a bird feeder out of an old toilet roll holder! Also this is a wonderful way to recycle used goods. Find out more here

8. Set up a tent and go camping!

There’s nothing quite like sleeping in a tent overnight. Getting close to nature and sleeping under the stars is a refreshing change to normal life. We highly recommend.  

9. Hike to the top of a steep hill

I know this is a basic challenge, but have you ever hiked to the top of a steep hill and just looked out. What a view!

10. Give an extreme sport a go

Set yourself a challenge this year to try something extreme like going on a giant zipwire (we have one that goes through the trees at Kingswood Colomendy!) or white water rafting, whatever you feel is an extreme challenge for you, it feels great to push yourself to feel the fear and do it anyway. Imagine how satisfied you would feel after conquering something outside of your comfort zone.

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