Five reasons why families should say 'YES' to adventure

What does adventure mean to you? It’s easy for all of us to get stuck in a routine that feels comforting and forget to challenge ourselves with new activities and experiences - and for families, the school holidays are the perfect time to do this together. Our Family Adventure weekends give all the big kids out there the chance to be little kids again and take part in exciting activities with their children!

Explore the great outdoors

Have you ever gone for a walk outside without your phone and taken a moment to appreciate your surroundings? In this day and age, we’re all guilty of being glued to screens and not being active enough. It’s a huge treat to be out and about, exploring nature together, leaving you feeling healthy and wholesome after a lovely day outside (even if it’s raining!).

Time to have a laugh

Getting out of your comfort zone and trying new activities you wouldn’t usually do makes for a really fun time. Try archery, abseiling, obstacle courses and more – just keep saying ‘YES’ to adventure! If you aren’t afraid of looking a little silly in front of your family and making the children laugh then a family adventure camp would be the perfect experience for you. Keep smiling and having fun and you’ll make amazing memories.

Build new skills

If the idea of trying new activities can make you a little anxious and unsure, then see it as a positive challenge. In amongst the fun and laughter, you and your family will build new skills such as confidence, resilience and self-belief. Encourage each other to give everything a go and you’ll surprise yourself with how great you will feel afterwards.   

A chance to be curious

There will always be that one activity that you wished you’d tried before – well why not choose now as the time to have a go. Keeping an open mind to a variety of activities will influence your family to get into exploring, trying new activities and having new adventures.  

Time spent together

Setting time aside over the holidays to do something altogether will feel really great. After a fun-filled day of adventure, make some time to chill with some downtime in the evening to nicely wrap up your family day. Go for a night walk, or gather round the campfire to reflect on the day and laugh at the memories you’ve made together.

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